Hwarang Spirit

Hwarang spirit conceived by the great Buddhist monk, Won-gwang, the driving force for unifying the Three Kingdoms


Gaseulgap-sa was a temple located on Mt. Unmunsan, and currently only its site remains. The temple is said to have been established by the great Buddhist monk, Won-gwang who had just returned from the Sui Kingdom of China after being disciplined in the period of King Jinpyeong of the Silla Kingdom. When the great Buddhist monk stayed in the temple, Guisan and Chuhang, who belonged to a disciplinary group of Hwarangdo, visited him and asked for words by which to live in their lives. In response, the monk gave them five disciplinary rules, which are called 'Sesok Ogye' (Five Rules for Living in the World).
These rules were followed as ethical instruction and practical ideology, and then contributed greatly to the development of Hwarangdo and the preparation of the basis on which to unify the Three Kingdoms.


Five Rules for Living in the World

- Loyalty: be loyal to the king.

- Filial duty: be filial to parents.

- Faithfulness: be faithful to friends.

- Courage: don't retreat in war

-Prudence: be prudent in killing living things


The Statue in Memory of the Hwarang Spirit Birthplace represents Guisan abd Chuhang being given ‘the Five Rules for Living in the World' by Won-gwang

Address The site of Gaseulgapsa, Samgye-ri Valley, Sinwon 1-gil. Unmun-myeon, Cheondo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

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