Mayor of Cheongdo-gun LEE Seung-yool

Mayor of Cheongdo-gunLEE Seung-yool

Enjoy Cheongdo!

Thank you for visiting Cheongdo - the renowned garden city.

Located in the southernmost end of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, Cheongdo has beautiful natural surroundings and has well preserved its culture and history. It is striving to become the “21th century’s world-class garden city.”

Cheongdo is popular for the bullfighting festival and is also the birthplace of Silla Dynasty’s Spirit of Hwarang (Flower Knights) and the Saemaul (New Village) Movement.

At Cheongdo, you can enjoy fresh farm products such as seedless persimmons, sweet peaches, and dropwort. Furthermore, Cheongdo’s rich cultural resource include traditional temples such as Unmunsa, Cheongdoeupseong Fortress, Seokbinggo Ice Storage, Hyanggyo Confucian School, the Bullfighting Festival and the Wine Tunnel. In recent times, Cheongdo has become popular among famous artists as an ideal workshop location.

Create many unforgettable memories while enjoying a historic, cultural and tourist excursion here in Cheongdo. We hope you and your family is always filled with happiness and joy.

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