Cheongdo’s flower – Royal azalea

Cheongdo’s flowerRoyal azalea

The royal azalea is a beautiful flower that has a strong vitality and propagation power. It represents the Cheongdo people’s strong spirit. Its flower language is the joy of love.

Cheongdo’s tree– Persimmon Tree

Cheongdo’s treePersimmon Tree

In order to raise the spirit of the residents of Cheongdo it has designated, as its province tree, a special type of persimmon tree (Cheongdo Bansi) that yields seedless, juicy fruit, grows straight and tall, and that only grows in Cheongdo.

The Cheongdo bird – Magpie

The Cheongdo birdMagpie

The magpie is a lucky, useful, and joyful bird. It symbolizes the brightness of the spirits of the people of Cheongdo.

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