• 'Cheong' which means cleanness is followed by the word 'believe' and shortened into Cheonglieve Reliable fresh agricultural produce!
  • Green leaves
    • They are symbols of the clean nature of Cheongdo, and the reliability of the people in Cheongdo
  • Orange-colored fruit
    • This represents the dream and will of producers who always share their fresh and healthy produce with consumers.

Cheongdo Bansi (Seedless Persimmons): BI

Cheongdo Bansi
  • The design of Cheongdo Bansi (Seedless Persimmons)
    • BI conveys the image that Cheongdo Bansi is a persimmon which is grown by the clean nature of Cheongdo.
  • Using eastern coloring models and calligraph, the design represents Cheongdo Bansi which is ripened in the autumn sunlight and almost bursting out. This image captures the excellence of agricultural produce from Cheongdo and also the natural purity of Cheongdo.
  • The design utilizes the five beautiful colors from persimmon trees: black, blue, yellow, red and white. It highlights the traditional characteristics of Cheongdo Bansi and its eastern sensitivity, and emphasizes the image characteristic of agricultural produce from Cheongdo.

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