Nènjiāng Xiàn, Hēilóngjiāng Shěng, China

  • Homepage : http://www.nenjiang.gov.cn
  • Date of concluding the agreement: December 24, 1999
  • Purposes
    • Exchange activities in a variety of fields such as administration, economy, culture, tourism and sports based on the principle of mutual equality of both parties
    • Increase in mutual understanding and friendshil between the two nations
  • Nènjiāng Xiàn's regional characteristics
    • Nènjiāng Xiàn has fertile soil and a wide range of pasture, and is called 'Food Storage of North China'.
    • Nènjiāng Xiàn has abundant forest resources with dense forests and has developed the industry of water power generation with abundant water.
    • Nènjiāng Xiàn is geographically well located, and equipped with social services and convenient facilities for transportation and communications.
    • Nènjiāng Xiàn has abundant natural resources and is called the geological cradle and the land of mines. (62 kinds of mineral produce developed)

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