Full Moon Festival

In the evening of full moon day, people climb a high hill near the village and practice the "Dalmaji" or "the viewing of the moon," People, carrying torch, brave the freezing weather to view the first moon of the year. When the moon is high in the sky, people stick the torch in the ground and make a wish. Whatever the wish is, whether farmers pray for a good harvest, singles to get married, that wish would come true.

People rushed to view the moon before others, because it was considered to bring good luck. Farmers forecasted the coming harvest year with the moon. If the moonlight was white, it would be rainy, if it was red, the weather would be too cold. If the moonlight was bright, it would be a good harvest year, if not farmers believed they would have a poor harvest. If the moon leaned towards the south it meant a good harvest for coastal region, if it leaned towards the north, it would be a good year for the mountainous region. The tradition continues even today and every year the daljip burning event is held along the Cheongdo Riverbanks. Also, when the daljip catches on fire, they also set the fields alight. This is called "Jwibulnori," which means "mice fire play." The purpose of this custom was to kill the mice leaving their holes and exterminate insects that infested the dry fields. Afterwards, people roast nuts and share them together.

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      The Daljip is the largest in the country. It stands 20 meters high and 15 meters wide. 55 trucks of pine tree boughs, 200 bales of straw 30 bunches of rope and 60 wood pillars are needed to erect this mammoth moon house every year. In addition, a variety of events such as folk kite-flying, Yutnori(traditional board game), Jegi(hacky sack), Neolttwigi(seesaw) and sharing New Year's Food, are held to wish a happy new lunar year and good harvest.

    • Date: Jeongwol Daeboreum - the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar
    • Location: Cheongdocheon Stream bank
    • Features: folk kite-flying, Yutnori, Jegi, Neolttwigi, Tuho, etc
    • Dalmaji event: Daljip burning event, Pungmulnori, Jwibullori, fireworks, nut-roasting, etc

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