Festival Rules

Bullfighting Festival
  • Article 1 Goal
    • To contribute in increasing the livestock farming households by improving the development of livestock, encouraging the households' enthusiasm for livestock farming and developing science related to animal breeding.
  • Article 2 Definition
    • 1. Refers to the bullfighting tournament.
    • 2. Encourage the breeding of Korean cattle by selecting and exhibiting superior cows.
  • Article 3 Entering the Tournament
    • 1. Owners of domestically bred cows can enter the tournament. (There may be a regional restriction according to necessity)
    • 2. The owner needs to submit a written pact and entry form and submit to an inspection.
  • Article 4 Refereeing
    • 1. There are three referees. The head of the tournament will head the refereeing. The number of referees may vary according to a need.
    • 2. Owner who wishes to enter the tournament must follow the referee's instructions.
    • 3. Referees put each bull into the appropriate weight division
    • 4. If a bull refuses to fight for more than one minute it will lose the match.
    • 5. The bull must respond to the instruction to fight, if one or both sides do not fight for more than 15 minutes after the instruction, one or both sides are considered to have forfeited the match.
    • 6. The winner is decided by drawing if unmistakable fighting doesn't occur 30 minutes after the fight begins.
    • 7. Each side can have one cheering person during the fight. Referees can kick out persons who disrupt the fight or declare that side as the loser. (Red uniforms and similar colored markings are banned)
    • 8. All persons who fail to meet the requirements outlined in these rules cannot enter the bullring. If a cheering person of a fighting bull disrupts the order of the bullring by disorderly conduct, a referee may declare that side the loser.
    • 9. When in doubt over a referee's decision, the head referee makes a final decision. If one side continues to question the head referee's decision, the head referee may declare that side to have forfeited or lost the fight.
    • 10. A person who uses violent language or resorts to violence towards the organizers during the tournament will be indicted and the bull owner to whom that person belongs to will be deprived of the right to enter the fighting for three years.
    • 11. The winner may be decided by a decision of the referees (more than three people) even during the fight.
  • The winner of a match continues in the tournament.
    • 1. Organizers are not responsible for any accidents that may occur during the tournament
    • 2. The head of the tournament may select a person to entrust the proceedings and refereeing of the fighting.

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