Bansi Festival

Festival for enjoying Bansi: observing, tasting, and feeling it

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Address1846, Cheongyeo-ro Hwangyang-eup Cheongdo-gun Gyeongsangbuk-do

The Cheeongdo Bansi Festival takes place in the area of the Cheongdo Outdoor Performance Site for three days in October every year. Various experience activities, exhibitions and selling events are conducted to publicize the excellence of Cheongdo Bansi (seedless persimmons), and special events and foods are abundant.


Characteristics of Cheongdo Bansi

The Cheongdo persimmon is called Bansi because it looks flat. Ban means flat, si means a persimmon. Its flesh is soft and very sweet. Particularly, Cheongdo Bansi is uniquely a seedless persimmon in Korea. So, it is convenient to eat, tastes very good, and is advantageous to process into a product. Cheongdo Bansi is processed into various products: dried persimmon, half dried persimmon, frozen soft persimmon, persimmon wine, persimmon vinegar, a Korean cookie called hangwa, and cosmetics.
Geographically speaking, Cheongdo-gun is surrounded by mountains in all four directions, which makes it difficult for male pollen from outside to enter this area. Moreover, in May, frequently-occurring fog makes it difficult for insects to move pollen from flower to flower. This creates naturally an environment for quality seedless persimmons.


Merits of Cheongdo Bansi

Cheongdo Bansi contains ingredients beneficial to human bodies such as vitamin and amino acid. It contains much more vitamin C than strawberry, and orange. Especially, the vitamin C in Cheongdo Bansi is not as easily destroyed as the vitamin c in most other fruits when it is exposed to heat, water and air. Thus, Cheongdo Bansi improves immunity in bodies, and is good for slowing down aging, lessening fatigue and preventing cold.

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