Samgye-ri Valley

The best summer resort in Cheongdo-gun where you can be united with nature


The Samgye-ri Valley stretches along  the road which connects Unmun-myeon, Cheondo-gun and Eonyang, Ulsan. This valley is a representative summer resort in the region of Cheongdo. This is composed of three valleys: Baeneomi, Saenggeumbiri, and Gaesalpi, which has led to its current name, Samgye (three valleys). At first glance, the valley may look common and similar to other valleys, but a step further away from the road, and you will see quite a different world. The water from Mt. Gajisan which is 1,240m high  flows in the valley, meets with various shapes of rocks andthe woody forest, and makes spectacular torrents and waterfalls.
After passing Unmun Dam, the road leads to Unmunsa Temple. The road diverges shortly afterwards, at the three-road junction  in front of Munmyeong Elementary Branch School. The road to the left is for Eonyang and runs for 6km to Samgye-ri Village, from which the Samgye-ri Valley starts.

AddressSamgye-ri Village, Sinwon-ri, Unmun-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do