Namsangol Valley

A journey in search of ancestors' refinement and elegance


Mt. Namsan, which is 870m high above sea level, is located south of downtown Cheongdo. As a guardian mountain of Cheongdo, the mountain has Cheongdo-eup, Hwayang-eup, and Gaknam-myeon lying side by side on its northern side. Its beautiful geographical features and deep valleys have made the mountain abundant in attractions and cultural assets.  Namsangol Valley starts 2km away from the Hwayang-eup Office along the Dongchangcheon Stream. Unusually formed rocks stand as precipitously as walls, and valley water makes ponds here and there, and flows spectacularly. The forest around the valley is dense enough to make people feel the chill in the air even in summer.
It is said that in the past, Confucian scholars in Cheongdo visited this valley and had a meeting for writing and reciting poems. The traces of their work are inscribed on rocks in the valley. For this reason, the valley has the nickname of 'Namsan 13 Songs'.  Additionally Namsangol Valley is near downtown Cheongdo, so it is favored as a site for family outings. The valley is equipped with various facilities such as road decks, simple pavilions, and information panels.

AddressGyochon-ri, Hwayang-eup, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do