Juk Bawi (Rock) at Gaknam

An unusual tourist attraction with an interesting legend and impressive history


This is a great rock hill at Nokmyeong-ri, Gaknam-myeon. The slope is gentle according to the geographical features of its foothill. The rock is about 20m high, and the upper part of the rock is wide enough to accommodate hundreds of people. The rock is such a popular place that anyone who passed his or her school days in Cheongdo has a memory of enjoying a picnic on it. The top of the rock commands a fine view of the village and a wide stretch of the field. A weather-beaten pine tree at the end of the rock makes the view much finer.
The rock has a legend that it saved the lives of 10,000 residents during the Japanese Invasion called Imjin Waeran. In the mountain near, there remain traces of the construction of a stone wall against the invading Japanese, which brings the legend home to visitors.
In the middle of the road from Punggak-myeon to Gaknam-myeon, the road to Daesansa (Temple) diverges, and leads 1.2 km southward to Guman Village on the right.  Juk Bawi (Rock) is located across the stream running through the village, and so it can easily be found.

AddressNokmyeong-gil, Gaknam-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do