Yongam Spa Resort

A hot spring resort in the theme of wellbeing, well known for quality water


The water from Yongam hot spring is recognized for its excellent quality. This is because the water is pure mineral water drawn from the bedrock 1,008m deep underground. The hot spring water keeps a constant temperature of 43℃ all year round. It promotes blood circulation, relieves fatigue and stress, and contributes to the removal of body waste and the improvement of health.
This spa resort has various facilities: a grand pool, an open-air pool, a herbal pool, wellbeing guest rooms, an aqua-therapy room, and a body fat dissolution room. The grand pool has a German Bade pool installed. These facilities enable tourists to enjoy a pleasant and refreshing spa. Exclusive pools and accommodations are popular with family tourists.
In restaurants located around the spa resort, tourists can enjoy various Cheongdo specialties such as a Korean fish soup called Chueo-tang (loach soup). The spa resort is located diagonally across from the Bullfighting Stadium.

Address23, Oncheon-gil, Hwayang-eup, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do