Seonamseowon (Academy)

Overnight stay at a traditional house: Seonamseowon (Academy)

Stay one night at a historic village with traditional houses

Sinji-ri, Geumcheon is a beautiful village by the Dongchangcheon Stream (nicknamed  "silky stream"), as well as unusually formed rocks and a forest of big pine trees in harmony. This is well known as a village of old historic houses of Ungang, Unnam, Myeongjung, Seomam, and Doil. 
Seonamseowon (Academy) is located on the Seonam rock overlooking the Dongchangcheon Stream (the Geumcheon: the silky stream) in the west of the village. It is 300m away from the road running through the village. The Seonam rock  known as Soyodae has a puddle called Yongduso (meaning "small pool like a dragon's head"). The scenery around the rock is regarded as the best attraction in Cheongdo.
Seonamseowon (Academy) has a unique structure combining a household and an academy. Thus, visitors can both enjoy the academic refinement and get a taste of a Korean traditional house. It is popular as accommodations where tourists can enjoy an overnight stay. This overnight experience program includes various activities such as rural meals and tea ceremony in harmony with the Korean traditional house and nature. There are many types of rooms: from rooms for two to three persons to rooms for ten to twelve. In the peak season, there is a large demand for rooms, so tourists are advised to call and make a reservation in advance on 010-5345-8445.


Experience activities:

- Practice traditional tea ceremony

- Making Dasik (a kind of Korean traditional cookie)

- Making seasonal foods

- Natural pigment dyeing

- Making crafts in Hanji, traditional Korean paper

- Making lady exclusive crafts

- Playing Korean traditional games


Address825 Cheongmae-ro, Maejeon-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do