Natural Recreation Forest

Natural Recreation Forest on Mt. Unmunsan


Located on the outskirts of Mt. Unmusan, which is one of the seven most prominent mountains of the Yeongnam area, Unmusan Recreational Forest is surrounded by Mt. Munboksan, Mt. Gajisan and a few other peaks all over 1,000 meters in altitude. With variously indigenous nogak trees and various breeds of maple trees, summers are refreshingly green, falls are colorfully and uniquely adorned with fall leaves and rock formations, and on winters, the serene snowscape of Valley and Yongmi Falls are simply amazing. The beautiful sunrise of the Eastern sea can be seen from Unmunryeong Pass, which is located 2.5 km east of the forest.

Address763, Unmun-ro, Unmun-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do