Farming Experience

Tourist Experience Activity Center for Experiencing Rural Lives on Cheongdo Bansi (persimmon) Orchard Farms

From experiencing rural culture to shopping agricultural produce

This center was established in order to promote Cheondo Bansi (persimmon), a specialty of Cheongdo, and to provide city people with opportunities to experience green activities. This center runs various programs for experiencing rural culture such as hobby farm running, four-season crop harvesting, and traditional craft making. In particular, in autumn, a lot of tourists visit the center to experience persimmon picking. 
- Running the Persimmon Promotion Center of Cheongdo-gun  and a persimmon processing plant
- Direct trading in agricultural produce and renting hobby farms
- Experience activity programs: making and tasting persimmon wine, learning about aroma, Hanji(Korean traditional paper) craft making, pottery making and dyeing in persimmon
This center provides a guest house for accommodation in an old school building which has been renovated and is very popular with family and group tourists. This center also runs a market for direct trading only in agricultural produce and processed products from Cheongdo. It is twenty minutes' drive from Sindo Village, the birthplace of Saemaul Undong (Movement)  in the direction of Unmun Dam after passing Naeho Village where Onui Park is located.

Address825, Cheongmae-ro, Maejeon-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do