Recreational site at Unmun Dam

Multi-purpose recreational facilities with clean water and expansive lawn plazas


This recreatonal site is located right down Unmun Dam. The Dongchangcheon Stream starts from the water gate of the dam. On both sides of the lower reach reservoir of the dam lie wide stretches of land amounting to 33,000㎡ or so, which are equipped with various amusement facilities. This is favored as a site for family outings and group events.  The  Dongchangcheon Stream water stays clean and cool because of the water discharged by the dam. In summer, this recreational site is crowded with people who want to avoid the heat of town.
You can enjoy water-skiing, and riding a motorboat and a banana boat. A wide stretch of lawn makes it possible to enjoy camping. The lower reach reservoir is suitable for outdoor swimming and for playing in the water.
There are so many water-related facilities such as stepping stones and a fountain around which you can sit and take a rest. These are the highlights of the  Dongchangcheon Stream.

AddressBangji-ri, Unmun-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do