Onui Park

Two poets who advanced Sijo, Korean traditional poetry, to the center of modernist literature


This is a park in honor of the two sibling poets: Lee Ho-u (1912~1970)and Lee Yeong-do (1916~1976) who made great contributions to Korean literary history of modernistic Sijo, Korean traditional poetry.
Lee Ho-u wrote many lyrical poems of excellence, and is said to have advanced the level of Korean modernistic Sijo. His representative anthologies are Lee Ho-u's Collection of Sijo Poems (1955), A Dormant Volcano (1968) and others. Lee Yeong-do, who was once a teacher, sublimated the feelings and grudges proper to the Koreans in her elegant and delicate style. Her representative works are a Sijo collection, Chongeo Collection (1954), and an essay collection, Chungeun Collection (1958). The two poets' poetry world set up a new model for Korean modernistic Sijo, and strongly influenced following poets.
Onui Park is located on the waterside hill where the  Dongchangcheon Stream and the Cheongdocheon Stream meet, and so commands a fine view. There stand two monuments  in the park inscribed with their representative poems. Right next to the park, the house where the two poets were born and grew up is well preserved. This house is designated as Registered Cultural Asset No. 293, and belongs to Registered Cultural Heritage Of Korea.

AddressNaeho-ri, Cheongdo-eup, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do