Natural Dyeing Activity - Siseollem

Nature-given colors of Cheongdo, dyeing in persimmon


Siseollem is a brand name for natural pigment-dyed products turned out by Cheongdo-gun. The brand started as part of the project "providing jobs for rural women" in 2001.  This is a specialty representing Cheongdo products, and is recognized for its quality. Many products in this brand are displayed in famous domestic and international fabric fairs and in fashion shows for design development. About 60 kinds of products such as apparel, bedding, small items, interior decoration, and  textiles are dyed in persimmon, processed and turned out into markets in the quantity of 300 tons every year.
Siseollem Dyeing Center next to Cheongdo Farm Plaza is 500m away from Yudeung Pond. This center runs four facilities for dyeing activities, eight technology institutes, and eighteen workplaces. Detailed information about 
participant businesses and experience activities can be found on the web site above.

Address10, Cheonghwa 3-gil, Hwayang-eup, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do