Cheongdo Provence Photo Land

A romantic journey in search of the mood and tastes of the Southern France


Cheongdo Provence Photo Land, which started as Cheongdo Theme Land in 1996, got  its current form and name through a renovation in 2012.  This land exactly represents the Provence region of southern France. In the day time, an exotic and romantic landscape stretches afar, and at night it is transformed into a brilliant light festival venue. The land is well equipped with various facilities for shopping, dining and resting. 
Cheongdo Provence Phot Land has over 100 photo zones, which are decorated in different themes. So it is very exciting to visit each zone with its own theme and create a memorable event with your family, friends and lovers.
This land is located across from Bullfighting Stadium, and is easy to spot. It is next to Yongam Spa Resort and fifteen minutes' walk from Cheongdo Wine Tunnel. It is an essential tourist attraction that cannot be missed.

Address272-23, Iseulmi-ro, Hwayang-eup, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do