Biseul Pottery Center

Biseul Pottery Making Activity - Biseul Pottery Center

Art town designated by the Educational Support Office of Cheongdo-gun

Biseul Pottery Center, which is a reformation of a deserted school building, is a place for making ceramic items. This center is large, and equipped with a pottery making room, and a cultural experience room. This center runs 
various programs to experience pottery making, natural pigment dyeing, crop harvesting, nature learning, and traditional game playing. Particularly, as the center focuses on pottery making programs for children, it is recognized as the most famous of its kind near Daegu. The nature learning program is conducted in connection with school texts. This center is designated as an educational farm for experiencing rural things by the Rural Development Administration. 
 Additionally this center operates a pension, which is popular with family visitors during the vacation season. A ide playground makes various outdoor games and campfires possible, and a small pool enables visitors to enjoy playing in the water in summer. This pottery center is located next to Gakbuk-myeon Office.

Address787, Heolti-ro, Gakbuk-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do