Kim's Old House

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Address14 Imdang 2-gil, Geumcheon-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Kim's Old House at Imdang-ri, Cheongdo-gun

This is the old house where Kim, Il-jun(1863~1945) lived. He was a court eunuch in the senior grade of 3rd rank called Jeong Sam(3) Pum. This is the place which the eunuch family kept over 16 generations for 400 years. It is unique that the court eunuch's house was located not near the palace but in a region far away from the capital, Hanyang, and it was occupied and expanded  for a long time over many generations.
The old house is located at the center of the village, and is composed of seven buildings. What is distinctive about the house is that  the central building faces northwest, not to south as usual. This shows the eunuch family's loyalty to the king, who lived to the northwest of Cheongdo. Also the inmost building called Anchae and the inner yard are surrounded by walls and other buildings and secluded from the outside world. The architectural layout of the buildings in the house shows stronger control over access to and exit from the house than those in other houses, and indicates the intention of its owner to restrict the women's movements and to block outsiders' gaze. This old house has an important value in providing a considerable amount of information for studying a eunuch family.