Cheongdo Artificial Rockwall

Cheongdo Artificial Rockwal

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AddressAt the entrance of Unmunsa Temple ticket office, 2087 Sinwon-ri, Unmun-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Enjoy the greatest thrill and show your achievements in wonderful nature!

Cheongdo Artificial Rockwall  (on the campsite of Unmunsa Temple)

This is a man-made rockwall set up on the campsite in the county park of Mt. Unmunsan.
It is made in a bull shape which symbolizes Cheongdo Bullfighting , a pride of Cheongdo. This rockwall gives you enjoyment in climbing and spectatorship. The wall which is 14 to 17m high and 10 to 18m wide is a venue for national sports climbing competitions.
In front of the campsite, there flows a valley stream, and on the opposite side lies the beautiful scenery of Mt. Jiryongsan. This campsite which provides opportunities for mountain sports, is very popular with people who want to take a rest and enjoy forest therapy and climbing.
This site can be reached from metropolitan cities such as Ulsan and Busan within one and a half hour.